Angela is Heading to Marvel Heroes as the Game’s 59th Playable Character

Angela, the Thor’s sister is heading to Marvel Heroes as the game’s 59th playable character. Angela is being presented as Asgard’s Assassin, daughter of Odin and Freyja. She has a rather interesting backstory behind her character.

“Presumed killed during a war between Asgard and the Tenth Realm (up until then it was Nine Realms in this world), she was actually taken by the “Angels” in that world. Odin, punishing them, cut them off from the other nine realms, and she remained their for years, growing up under the impression that Asgard were evil aggressors.” Gazillion didn’t offer too many details about her skills but she would play in a similar way like she fights in the comic books. Angela will become available later this month.

Source: comicbook


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