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New Sandbox MMO Dark and Light from ChinaJoy 2016

By ChinaJoy 2016 doesn’t only have beautiful showgirls, there are some brilliant ideas coming out. Dark and Light is the one of them with a twelve-years’ development, this new sandbox MMO title is...


Ape Escape 2 Available Now on PS4 in Europe

By William D’Angelo Ape Escape 2 is now available for the PlayStation 4 in Europe as a PS2-on-PS4 title through the PlayStation Store. The game is priced at £7.99 or £5.99 for PlayStation Plus...

Akiba’s Beat Gets Kotomi Sanada Character Trailer 0

Akiba’s Beat Gets Kotomi Sanada Character Trailer

By William D’Angelo Acquire has released a new character trailer for the upcoming action RPG Akiba’s Beat. View the Kotomi Sanada character trailer below: Akiba’s Beat releases this fall in Japan for the PlayStation...


AdventureQuest 3D Guide Review

By AdventureQuest 3D is a cross-platform online multiplayer fantasy RPG from the creators of the original 2D Flash web game! Continue reading AdventureQuest 3D Guide Review. Source:: mmosite


Review: Abzu

By Zack Furniss I spoke at length about my underwater-gaming-anxiety when I previewed Abzû, so actually reviewing it was something I approached with apprehension. But this week, my day job was five straight days...