Batman – The Enemy Within: The Enigma – Episode 1 Review

By Tamoor Hussain

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Note: This review contains spoilers for Season 1 of Telltale’s Batman series.

Actions have consequences, and in Season 1 of

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The bulk of the episode is spent unraveling the mysteries of the box and then dealing with the fallout. But the search for answers has a devastating impact on the people around Batman. Telltale isn’t wasting any time, as Episode 1 has a few harrowing moments and tough decisions that put you under pressure. By the time the episode has wrapped up, the Riddler has made a permanent mark on the life of Bruce Wayne and Batman.

The means of driving the narrative in Season 2 hasn’t changed drastically from the previous season. Investigations involve finding clues by moving around environments and interacting with specific objects, at which point a Bat-Monologue will explain how it could be relevant to the mystery. The puzzle-solving is similarly rudimentary, asking you to make connections between pieces of evidence in order to reconstruct a simulation of what happened. While the first game’s crime-solving sequences weren’t much more complicated, they at least had a multitude of variables to think about. In this episode, however, the solutions were obvious and the steps to solving conundrums were simple, often requiring you to simply connect a pair of clues. I didn’t much feel like the world’s greatest detective.

Episode 1 as a whole feels more weighted towards action set pieces, and although the interactions are still a series of quick-time events, Telltale has introduced more opportunities to direct Batman in the moment-to-moment scuffles. Now, after delivering a flurry of bone crunching hooks and uppercuts, you can choose whether you want to follow up with a roundhouse or a bodyslam–or you’ll have to tap buttons multiple times to ensure your Batarangs hit all the goons in the area. It’s a small change, but one that encourages players to stay focused and engaged.

As with all Telltale’s games, the way you respond to characters through dialogue choices not only defines how the story branches, but now also redefines relationships. It can be difficult to see someone you once considered a friend now doubting you, through no fault of your own. This shake up injects further drama into existing dynamics, which means you never truly feel at ease during a conversation.

While the episode is less overt than Season 1 about trying to deconstruct Batman and Bruce Wayne, the Riddler is used to assess the principles they operate under. Each new SAW-like death trap questions what sacrifices the Caped Crusader is willing to make in pursuit of his justice. It’s subtle, but Telltale is picking at the line between hero and criminal in a way that could unravel Batman’s sense …read more


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