Blitzkrieg 3 Review

By Jaime Skelton

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By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor)

It’s been two years since I’ve last seen Blitzkrieg 3, and back then the game was still heavily in development and felt a bit bare boned. While it did intrigue me, mainly because of the second World War setting, I wasn’t all too enthusiastic about it either. The game lacked purpose and content, felt really hollow and was far from finished. But now the game has finally reached release and I was curious to find out if they had sharpened this diamond in the rough.

Back when I played Blitzkrieg 3 for the first time, the game wasn’t all too interesting yet. They were still working on the pillars of the game, tweaking the gameplay, and making it an interesting experience. The actual depth of the game at the time was still a bit shortcoming. In the last year they have especially worked more towards creating an accurate representation in a strategy game, allowing players to jump into the main factions during the war, and replay historical events that took place on both sides of the war. When you start playing now, you can choose where to begin your story, your ‘introduction’ to the war. While I live in the beautiful small country of the Netherlands, I know all about the war and the fights that took place around here. I know the Canadians and Americans played a huge role in saving our small little country, but I never really knew a whole lot about what happened to the east of Germany. So I decided to start with the Soviet Union to begin this experience.

The story starts at the Russian Border, where the Germans are attacking and trying their luck at pushing east. The game itself isn’t a super accurate presentation of how the wars are fought, but they do try to be historically accurate in the missions that they offer. It starts you off into a few small tutorial missions to get your bearing and to figure out how exactly this game works. In Blitzkrieg 3 you have different units, and while you do get a bunch of pre-selected units for these tutorial missions, in the normal missions you can choose who and what you want to take into battle with you. So you can really make your own strategy when it comes to taking these missions on. Each unit, be it either infantry or armored vehicle, have their own value of points. In each of these missions you have a select amount of ‘points’ you can take with you. This means you cannot take your whole army of units and vehicles into battle, you have to choose and play around with point values to get the best optimal army for that specific mission. You can always see what kind of mission you’re taking on and what the objective is, so try building a strategy around that.

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