Clash Royale: Climb to Arena 9 With Poison Hog + The Log Deck

Hello everyone. Since many of you have been requesting for some decks and gameplay for The Log. So today I find an amazing deck with the Log. As a legendary card, I feel like The Log deservers to be much better. Here we go.

My Deck

On Offence

Hog Rider + Spear Goblins/Fire Spirits/Minions + Zap/Poison
Prince + Minions/Fire Spirits +Zap/Poison
Double lane push with Prince + Hog Rider

On Defence
Barbarians – Fire Spirits
Mini Pekka – Minions/Spear Goblins
Princess – The Log
Minion Horde – Minions/Fire Spirits
Lava Hound – Spear Goblins and Use fire spirits to deal with lava pup

Check the gameplay video below and learn more tips about the deck.

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