Conan Exiles Shows Female Character Model and Completely New Hairstyle

The Conan Exiles developer team at Funcom gives you a sneak peek at the work-in-progress female character model and a hairstyle that’s created using new Unreal hair tech.

The developer says

Our old hair got completely scrapped and rebuilt for the new Unreal hair tech, which wasn’t available to us earlier. Characters are a constant work in progress, basically an entire system that’s being built as we go.

Conan Exiles is an open world survival MMO where you fight, build and craft for your survival. With the brutality found in the series, Conan Exiles offers a 53-square-kilometer world (for early access), fast and gory combat, unrestricted use of weapons, weather and environment conditions, territory war, and more. Other interesting details include that ability to capture other players, and sacrifice them in the ritual.

The game plans to start early access in January 2017. You can see more screenshots at next page.


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