Gods and Glory

By Christopher Majot

Gods & Glory is a free-to-play fantasy strategy game developed by Friday’s Games for iOS and Android where players can clash with warriors across the world and build their very own empire. Choose a hero to develop, strengthen your army, call upon the powers of the gods, and help your alliance conquer all who oppose you. There is an entire world out there ripe for the taking in Gods & Glory!


God Powers: Call upon the powers of six unique gods to help you fight your foes and expand your influence.

Unit Variety: Create many different units like Fighters, Sorcerers, Battle Mages, Protectors and more, some of which have passive or active abilities that will help them in combat.

God Specific Units: Some units are affiliated with particular gods and can only be created when that god is at your Summoning Altar.

Alliances: Alliances are a major part of Gods and Glory. Joining them creates both safety and strength in numbers.

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