How to Troll People with Ana in Overwatch

Ana is the newest addition in Overwatch roster and the players have accepted her with enthusiasm. She has an interesting kit of abilities and she is very fun to play with, especially after some players found a way to exploit her unique ability, the sleeping dart.

According to a video which has been uploaded to Overwatch’s subreddit, there is a way for Ana to cause her enemies to DC due to inactivity.

The tactics goes as this: Three Ana players have to focus on one target and one after the other fire their sleeping darts on him. When the duration of the sleeping darts (5.5 seconds) ends, then the second Ana puts him to sleep again and the same goes for the third one.

This goes on until the unfortunate opponent gets kicked out of the game due to inactivity, because the game recognize him as AFK.

You can see this strategy in action in this video below:


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