Hyper Gods

By Christopher Majot

Hyper Gods is a 3D sci-fi shooter being developed by Ground Control Studios for PC and will be available on Steam Early Access on September 30. In Hyper Gods a God is reborn and her only concern is successfully fulfilling the prophecy of the Armageddon. Only you have the means to stop her from fulfilling the prophecy and preventing the universe from reaching the End of Days. Although you are up against a God and the odds seem insurmountable, it is still the future and you have your trusty hyper-lasso and hyper-handbrake to help get you through these hard times.


Space Battles: You’ll take to space as a mercenary and embark on a journey filled with fast-paced and unforgiving dog-fights, hyper-space jumps, and hyper-space chases throughout the universe.

Fast-Paced Action: Hyper Gods’ gameplay, though still in its early stages, promises to be fast, action-packed, and unforgiving!

Competitive Multiplayer: Multiplayer matches can be held locally or online and will have you yearning to prove your worth to your fellow space mercenaries.

Source:: onrpg.com

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