Logres: Japanese RPG

By Christopher Majot

Logres: Japanese RPG is a free-to-play mobile fantasy MMORPG developed by Aiming Inc. for iOS and Android where players can join forces to fight against a dark force bent on destroying the Kingdom. It is a hearkening to old-school Japanese RPGs with everything from its anime-inspired graphics to its turn-based combat. Its straightforward gameplay and addicting weapon upgrade systems will have you playing for hours. Whether you’re looking to blast some monsters with magical spells or dice them up with your favorite sword there is a path for you to embark on!


Job Tiers: You will begin the game as a standard Fighter, but as you gain experience you’ll be able to complete quests that will specialize your character with different tiers of jobs. Here you can become everything from a Priest to a Samurai!

Job Change: You are not locked into a single job in the game. You can go back to town to swap your job to any of the other ones you have unlocked at any time, freeing you to become whatever you want whenever you want.

Energy Skills: Build up energy as you battle and spend it on special skills that come with the different kinds weapons you can equip.

Party Up: Before going into a quest bring along an AI-controlled character so that you have someone to fight with. Once you’re out in the world you can jump into battle to aid anyone at anytime and replace their AI companion mid-fight.

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