New Dawn

By Christopher Majot

New Dawn is a buy-to-play survival multiplayer game developed by e-visualsoft for PC, Mac, and Linux where players will struggle to survive on an island in the pirate age. In New Dawn terrible pirates have landed on an outlying island in South America towards the end of 1800, filling it with immorality and brutality. The natives of the island will need to rise up against the pirate scum that are taking over their territory, but that will be no easy feat. Remember, everything counts when your livelihood is at stake!


Learning: Take in what you see the pirates doing and use their technology against them. Repair their wagons and use their tools to keep them at bay.

Numerous Systems: Enslave captured pirates, gather resources, craft equipment and tools, climb trees to hide and observe, and anything else you can think of that might help you survive.

Alliances: Align yourself with other players and work together to push back the invading pirate scum, but just make sure that your allies are truly as friendly as they appear to be. You don’t want to get caught in an all out brawl for resources while you’re being invaded.


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