‘Panzer Corps Lite’ Lets You Try The Classic Strategy Game for Free

By Tasos Lazarides

There are few strategy games that deserve the title of a classic as much as the famous Panzer Corps, the behemoth of a strategy game that has so much content you’ll never stop fighting war after war. This turn-based game comes with 10 Grand Campaigns, more than 800 unit types divided into 19 unit classes, and a ton of scenarios. Because of all that content – spanning most of the globe – and the $19.99 price for the base game, Panzer Corps isn’t the most welcoming game for those who don’t already know what it’s all about. So, Slitherine decided to give players Panzer Corps Lite [Free (HD)] to help them painlessly dip their toes without having to buy a snorkel.

Panzer Corps Lite comes with the Wehrmacht Tutorial, the first Wehrmacht mission in Poland and the early turns of Norway, so you’ll get a pretty good taste of what the game is all about and how it plays. And if you do want the rest of the game, you can get it as IAPs. For strategy nerds, this is a must-have.

Source:: toucharcade.com

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