Sara is Missing Mobile Horror Game Review

By Vincent Haoson


By: Ojogo

I never was a real fan of any of the horror games that came out, regardless of platform. I mean I can immerse myself completely on a lot of action shooters, MMOs, MOBAs, and the like, but you can’t have me sit down and play even a few minutes of Fatal Frame; heck even the old Resident Evil games were a no go for me for a while.

That’s why, even for a coward such as myself, Sara is Missing is one of those games that should’ve made me run to the hills. But then because of work, well I had to push on.


Sara is Missing, or SIM. is like a cautionary tale/story that you shouldn’t fiddle with other people’s phone. Most especially if said phone is broken and has a weird AI.

The game adopts the elements that you can find in most found footage stories where instead of finding a random VHS or CD that you watch, you instead find a broken phone. As you try to find out more about the previous owner of the phone, you will then get to realize that this “phone” you found is more than meets the eye.

Most of the gameplay systems in SIM revolve around browsing through the messages of SaraYoung, the missing person that you’re supposed to find. SIM’s interface feels just like a phone, with a lot of screen elements that you’d find in your everyday smartphone. SIM does limit your browsing capabilities by feigning that the phone is already broken and most of the data inside is either lost or corrupted, which is a good enough excuse and fits the game’s narrative.

Gameplay is mostly linear in SIM. You’re forced to browse around Sara’s phone but most of what you can do is focused on trying to find her.


Since SIM is a horror game on a phone, Kaigan Games, the designers, went for a creepy/scary design in the game’s overall look and feel. I love that they were able to make a usual smartphone layout design look creepy.

To add to the game’s creepiness factor, Kaigan Games efficiently used both “phone camera” quality audio and video features to bring in a more harrowing smartphone experience. SIM also uses jump scares, and some really dark/weird videos akin to what you see in scary movies like The Ring.


What SIM also does right is for us to really care for the aforementioned main character. You are given a brief glimpse into who Sara is as you go through her messages and as she interacts with the people around her. Making your character feel human is one of those things that is a hit or miss for Horror films and more often than not makes or breaks said movie. As for SIM, you really get to feel for her as a person. SIM allows you to see how much of a person’s character can be built on with …read more


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