Street Fighter V Update Today Going Live After 10 Hours of Server Maintenance

By Jason Dunning

10 Agonizingly Long Waits For Video Games

In preparation for today’s new Street Fighter V update, which includes Urien, Daily Targets, and a Vs CPU option, Capcom is taking the servers offline for 10 hours. The scheduled maintenance begins right now at 9am PT/12pm ET and will end at 7pm PT/10pm ET.

Here’s everything you can expect with today’s update on PlayStation 4 and PC:


  • The Vice President of the Illuminati can be purchased with Fight Money or via the Steam and PlayStation store. Season Pass holders can hop into a match with him as soon as the update goes live.

Daily Targets

  • New Daily Targets will be available to help you earn extra Fight Money to purchase additional content. Fight in a ranked match to earn 1000 Fight Money. Spend a little time playing in training mode to earn an additional 500 Fight Money. Each Daily Target has a time limit so don’t forget to log in and cash in on these. Rewards will range between 100 and 5000 Fight Money.

Vs. CPU Function

  • Versus CPU mode will be added as another option to standard versus mode. Now you can slug it out with the AI of varying difficulty and sharpen your skills before challenging friends or others online.

Fighter Profiles

  • Fighter Profiles will also be updated and stat tracking will go live! Now you can dissect your gameplay to find and eliminate bad habits or simply show off your skills to friends.

Colors 3-10 for Season Pass holders

  • Colors 3-10 on default, and battle costumes for all confirmed DLC characters will now be included for all Season Pass holders.

Premium Costumes now include all colors

  • Existing and future premium costumes will now include colors 3-10 when purchased. This will be retroactive for those that have already purchased the premium costumes.

Color bundles now purchasable

Color bundles will be available for purchase with Fight Money or via the Steam and PlayStation stores. Check out the following list for content and pricing:

  • All 16 Original Character Default Color Pack (3-10) – 85k FM/$4.99
  • All 16 Original Character Story Color Pack (3-10) – 85k FM/$4.99
  • All 6 DLC Character Default Color Pack (3-10) – 40k FM/$1.99
  • All 6 DLC Character Story Color Pack (3-10) – 40k FM/$1.99

New Environmental Stage KO’s

New environmental stage KO’s will be added for the list of stages below. If you loved blasting other players through doors and dropping bowls of noodles on their heads, just wait until you see what we have in store with this update:

  • Shadaloo Base
  • Hillside Plaza
  • Underground Arena
  • Forgotten Waterfall
  • Union Station
  • Kanzuki Estate
  • City in Chaos
  • Apprentice Alley
  • Lair of the Four Kings

Bug Fixes

  • The issue which added an additional frame of lag to PlayStation 4 fight sticks on PlayStation 4 has been identified and patched. Now input time is unified across PlayStation 4, legacy controllers and PC.
  • Juri’s V-Reversal was unintentionally able to hit downed opponents under specific circumstances. Juri’s V-Reversal was corrected so that it cannot hit downed opponents.
  • Juri’s invincibility during her V-Reversal was unintentionally short. This was corrected by setting the invincibility on Juri’s V-Reversal to 14 frames after the hit box of the move disappears.
  • When Ibuki was hit during a crouching fierce, she would unintentionally go into a standing state damage animation. This has been corrected so that when hit during a crouching fierce, Ibuki goes into a crouching state damage animation.
  • The light version of Yoga Sunburst would fire regardless of whether the player was holding down punch or not. This has been corrected so that when the charge portion of L Yoga Sunburst is guarded, holding down LP will maintain the charge motion.
  • When the tip of jumping LP hits an opponent or is guarded during Dhalsim’s V-Skill, the Critical Art gauge would increase rather than the V-Gauge. This has been corrected so when a jumping LP hits an opponent or is guarded during Dhalsim’s V-Skill, it now builds V-Gauge.
  • When Dhalsim performs an airborne Yoga Teleport against an opponent on the edge of the screen and performs a jumping attack afterwards, the jumping attack would be performed in the opposite direction of the opponent. The directional determination after Dhalsim appears from an airborne Yoga Teleport has been corrected, making it more difficult for this to occur.
  • Under certain circumstances, moves that only hit opponents in a standing state would unintentionally miss during certain standing states. This has been corrected. The hurtboxes on characters recovering from getting hit out of the air, allowing moves that are designed to hit standing characters to properly hit. Additionally throw attacks that normally miss on crouching characters will no longer be able to connect on characters recovering from getting hit out the air as they transition to a crouching state.
  • After the attack frames of Birdie’s jumping LK ended, Birdie’s hurtbox would unintentionally remain absent in his recovery frames until he landed. This has been corrected by setting a hurtbox to Birdie’s jumping LK recovery frames, until he lands.
  • Currently, the game counts a disconnect between the “Another fight is Coming Your Way” screen until you pass-through the results screen by selecting “find another match” or “exit to main menu”. The range a disconnect penalty will be assessed will be changed to be between from when “Another Fight is Coming Your Way” to after League Points (LP) and Fight Money (FM) have been calculated on the “Results” screen.

Will you be unlocking Urien once the update is live?

[Source: SFV Server, Capcom Unity]

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22
Duke Nukem Forever
Final Fantasy XV
Persona 5
PlayStation Vita
Tekken X Street Fighter
The Last Guardian
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter
Yakuza 5

10 Agonizingly Long Waits For Video Games

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Originally announced in 2001 by Check Six Games, Aliens: Colonial Marines was originally meant to be a PlayStation 2 game. After five years of troubled development, this version of the game was cancelled. Later that year Gearbox Studios announced they were now developing Aliens: Colonial Marines and that version spent 7 years in development turmoil, and ended up a mess once it released. I guess the moral of the story is to not use the title “Colonial Marines” in a game since it’s a bad name and the game is destined to go through hell in order to release.

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22

Alright, I probably had no good reason to be excited for Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, as it was an original PlayStation game released in 2003, but I was young and dumb back then. All I knew is that it was a fighting game (my favorite genre), and I had heard whispers that the game featured a ton of characters from story arcs that were way further than the Saiyan saga. That was enough for me to anticipate it back then. Shockingly, the fighting game which was originally developed and released in Japan in 1995, didn’t hold up particularly well after 8 years collecting dust. It was one of my biggest disappointments as a gamer, and I’m still confused as to why it was even localized.

Duke Nukem Forever

The second Gearbox Studios game on the list is also a disaster. They aren’t really to blame for this one, though, as Duke Nukem Forever had been in development at 3D Realms for 14 years (spanning back to 1997). Gearbox acquired the rights to the game in 2010, and released it the next year. It wasn’t awful, but it certainly wasn’t worth over a decade of waiting.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was one of the reasons why many gamers bought a PlayStation 3. After an uncountable amount of delays, and a name change to Final Fantasy XV the game is finally set to release this year. It’s been a very long wait for Final Fantasy fans, but early impressions have been very positive. Hopefully this will be a feel-good story that shows a game can get out of development hell.

Persona 5

I adore almost everything about the Persona series. From the stellar gameplay systems to the phenomenal writing and soundtracks, I don’t feel like there are any other RPGs that are quite this polished. That’s why I’ve been waiting for the series’ first HD installment ever since Persona 4 released in 2008. Now, over eight years later the game is finally out…in Japan. Oh, well. A few more months will be tough, but I have a feeling that it will be all worth it in the end.

PlayStation Vita

I absolutely love handheld gaming. That’s why the PlayStation Vita’s Japan-exclusive 2011 launch was really difficult for me. I actually came dangerously close to spending a lot of extra money and importing a Japanese system (since it was region free), but I never did. Instead, I just read every single news story I could prior to the system releasing February 15, 2012. While the post-launch support has been less than stellar, nothing can tarnish the pure week of bliss I had when the Vita initially launched. It’s an incredible handheld, even if Sony doesn’t treat it as such.

Tekken X Street Fighter

Remember this? Back when Street Fighter X Tekken (pictured) was announced in 2010, Namco also said they would be creating a Tekken equivalent. It has been six years since then and the title is “officially on hold” according to Tekken head Katsuhiro Harada. I’m not sure if this will ever be released, but I sure hope it does. I’d love to see how the Street Fighter characters would play in a Tekken style. Until an official cancellation, I’ll be patiently (and painfully) waiting.

The Last Guardian

It’s only fitting that The Last Guardian was recently delayed for one (hopefully) final time. Team Ico’s third title has been in development for the entire span of the PS3’s life, and it was looking like it would never be released. It’s finally coming later this year, so it’ll be interesting to finally get to play this game. I hope people will enjoy it, but as you can see long development cycles don’t have a stellar track record.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter released came out September 2007 in Japan. It wouldn’t release in North America until October 2015. Why the long delay? Well, the first game took five years to come out in North America, and the sequel had an understaffed and troubled localization. The game’s script is over 716 thousand words, so it’s understandable why it took so many years to finally finish being localized. Now to wait for the third (and final) game so the story can be completed.

Yakuza 5

Despite not being a huge success in North America, Sega had done a speedy job releasing Yakuza games in North America. That was until Yakuza 5, which took three whole years to come out. Once it finally released in North America, most gamers had already moved onto the PS4, but it was as good a reason to boot up a PS3 as any. It’s a fantastic game, and really the best Yakuza game yet. Things are looking up for the Yakuza franchise and I can’t wait to play future entries.

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