There’s a Bumblebee Transformers spinoff … and 13 more spinoffs

By Rick Lash

There's a Bumblebee Transformers spinoff ... and 13 more spinoffs screenshot

It’s no secret that the ancient order of Stone Masons [Flixist editors] are not what some would call loyal apostolates of the Holy Father Michael Bay–may he live forever [please no]– and his sacrament,The Holy Church of the Explosion. Why, brother Matthew just recently reviewed Transformers: The Last Knight as near a steaming pile of excrement.

Maybe Transformers was fun once, but we’re forgetting why we ever thought so. As much as U.S. audiences are demonstrating a remarkable amount of intelligence, and sage film savvy by not turning out in droves at the box office, China just isn’t getting their shit together! They’re literally lapping their shit up: to the tune of nearly $220M to date.

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