There’s a white PS4 Pro, but it’s exclusive to the Destiny 2 bundle

By Brett Makedonski

There's a white PS4 Pro, but it's exclusive to the Destiny 2 bundle screenshot

The yang to the original black PlayStation 4 Pro’s yin is coming this fall. Sony just revealed that there’s a glacier white PS4 Pro that will release in two months’ time. The only catch is that you have to buy Destiny 2 to get it.

Yep, the glacier white PS4 Pro is exclusive to the limited edition Destiny 2 bundle — at least for now. It releases alongside the game on September 6, and runs $450. The hardware is the standard 1TB Pro model that comes with a matching white controller. As for Destiny 2, it’s the version that includes the expansion pass.

Taken at face value, this bundle shows savings of right around $40 for anyone who was going to get all this stuff anyway. A PS4 Pro is $400 and the limited edition of Destiny 2 is $90. But, this comes with the added incentive of being the only way to get your hands on the white model. Sony’s angle with Destiny has always been about exclusive content; for now, it’s also about exclusive consoles.

[Update: The bundle is already available to pre-order from certain retailers like Amazon.]

Introducing the Limited Edition Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Bundle [PlayStation Blog]

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