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By Vincent Haoson

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By Ojogo

Imagine a world where people who are looking for work are treated like pocket monsters in the world of Pokemon. Instead of Pokemon Trainers, you have business owners, or at least kids of really stinking rich tycoons who are out and about capturing said new mons to work for their companies. You basically get Quick Turtle’s WorkeMon.

WorkeMon is a free-to-play strategy game from Quick Turtle that uses the Pokemon gameplay system set in a sadder, bleaker storyline. It can be played on both the Android and iOS platforms with or without an internet connection.


The game’s premise is simple. You are the 7th child of a really rich businessman. Your philandering father gives you a company that you can raise as your own business and tasks you to capture “WorkeMon”. These WorkeMons are basically people who are looking to have work for you, providing you with gold (the game’s currency) and experience so that you can level up. With a father who doesn’t really think you can make things work, and a slew of half brothers/sisters out to get you, you need to work on your own business acumen to be the top among your siblings.


WorkeMon’s gameplay system is almost similar to the established Pokemon formula. You basically go out and hunt the wild “WorkeMon,” capture them through battles (or in this game’s case, interviews), and bring them back to your company as work slav- *cough* employees. Depending on how you capture the WorkeMon, you can train them to improve their overall gold or experience output as they go on their sad lives as part of your company.

The game adopts the battle system in Pokemon in these WorkeMon encounters. However, instead of other WorkeMon battling for you, your avatar will be the one facing the WorkeMon in these interview encounters. The usual values of Pokemon in WorkeMon is switched to diff. attributes. The HP Bar is changed to the wanted salary of the WorkeMon and MP bar is now changed to the WorkeMon’s pride. Your moves will lower the value of these two stats, and depending on how you time these attacks, it’s going to make your capture of the WorkeMon easier or harder. To capture the WorkeMon, you need to have him/her sign the employment contract. As you start you will have only a basic contract, but as your avatar levels up you will have more contract signing options with a higher success rate, like intimidating the poor sod into signing the contract.

WorkeMon Review Screenshot

Battles in WorkeMon take on a different spin. Unlike in Pokemon where you have unlimited attack opportunities until you either lose all your Pokemon’s SP moves or when the Pokemon runs away. WorkeMon limits your attacks based on your avatar’s energy. At the beginning you start off with three energy points, and they get expended whenever you do an action. This forces you to strategize even before the encounters …read more


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