YouTuber pick: MxR on Fallout 4 mods worth downloading

By Niero Gonzalez

YouTuber pick: MxR on Fallout 4 mods worth downloading screenshot

He had me at “breastfeeding is just a zip away.” I was going through my YouTube feeds and spotted a smorgasbord of Fallout 4 mods worth looking into, as spotted by MxR Mods, including a fully functional portal gun. One of the most outlandish costumes, the transparant (sic) zipper costume (registration required), is an irresistible download “because of reasons.” I couldn’t find a screenshot of it running alongside the all-natural Atomic Beauty, so there’s your faptastic homework for the weekend (get it here). Also featured in this video are framerate-chugging beautifications to Good Neighbor (downloadable here and here), an elaborate Interesting NPC quest (warning: major spoilers in the video below), and a beautiful mansion. Who needs season passes when you’ve got mods like this?

On a side note: At Destructoid we haven’t covered a lot of YouTuber content in the past, but there’s a lot of talent doing interesting work that contains zero high-pitched 90-pound dudes overreacting to monster jump scares or drama mommas. What other YouTubers would you like to see featured on our blog?


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