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Merrick Bank

Merrick Bank was founded in the year 1997. Merrick Bank is recognized as one of the prominent issuers of banking cards and services in the USA. Its headquarter is located in Utah. Merrick Bank is much more than the traditional brick mortar banking institution providing multiple banking services.

The credibility of Merrick Bank

On the contrary, it advocates increasing the credit scores by offering lucrative Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards. You cannot miss these wonderful ranges of credit cards provisioning you with a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the service.

Apart from credit card, Merrick Bank also provides financing for Recreational vans and boats. Right now, Merrick Banks boasts about 3 million cardholders all over the country amounting to $5.3billioin in credit.

Customers of Merrick bank enjoy a wide range of consumer-friendly financing services coupled with an even wider range of merchant and non-traditional business services like next day funding, daily reconciliation, currency services, etc. Two of the prominent credit cards (Visa) of Merrick Bank are:

  • Secured Visa Credit Card.
  • Platinum Visa Credit Card.

It’s all about Double Your Line Acceptance Scheme

Merrick Card is now offering Double Your Line Acceptance with each Visa Card. Under, this, you can apply for Merrick Bank Visa Credit Card with a medium credit score and get a chance to double up your credit score with the timely payment.

This offers is ideal for the customers who want a genuine credit card as well as want to improvise their credit score. While other banks would offer you to keep your credit score intact or increase only by a certain percentage with timely monthly payment, Merrick offers to double the existing score with each payment.

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How Double Your Line Acceptance Works:

  • Doubling Score: For the first seven months of your account opening, you are required to make minimum timely payment. After making payments timely for seven consecutive months, your existing built up credit score jumps up to double the score.
  • Free Account Access: All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device! You are ready to access your 24 *7 hours online banking from anywhere. Enjoy features like balance checking, sending-receiving payments, account statement, email alert, and many more.
  • Protect Credit Score- Are you tired of negative credit impact with each report checking and credit card application. Not anymore! With Merrick, you are getting monthly FICO score, freshly updated every month directly sent from the credit bureau absolutely free and zero impact on the credit points. Also checking for Credit Card qualification does not impact your credit score either.

Step 1: Checking the pre-qualification for Credit Card

Enough with the reasons! Are you eager to try your luck and check if you really prequalify for the amazing Merrick Visa Cards and their Double Your Line Acceptance schemes? Watch this space to learn!

  • Open your browser and visit doubleyourline.com application.
  • Under Acceptance Certificate Number, click on Can’t find your Acceptance Certificate Number

Merrick Bank Credit Card Application Offer Verification

  • Now, fill-up the form for your pre-qualification:
  1. First Name.
  2. Last Name.
  3. Full Address(by selecting address type from Street Address, P.O. Box and Rural Route)
  4. Date of Birth(mm-dd-yyyy)
  5. Social Security Number (last 4 digits).
  6. Email Address.
  • Also, specify if you have moved to the current address within the last 30 days. If so, provide your previous Zip Code.
  • Click on See If I Match

Merrick Bank Credit Card Application

  • Merrick Bank will instantly utilize entered info to check if you pre-qualify for any of their credit card offers and find the best possible credit card products for you according to your records.
  • Follow the subsequent instruction to complete your application.

Step 2: Applying for Double Your Line Acceptance Scheme

After completing the above procedure, you will receive a mailer in your email address as well as your registered address. You need to check the mailer for the information to qualify for the Double Your Line Acceptance Scheme. Note this is not the application to finally obtain your Visa Credit Card. This is another part of your application to check for your eligibility paving your way for final approval:

  • Open your browser and visit doubleyourline.com application.
  • Enter your Acceptance Certificate Number as mentioned on the mailer.
  • Enter your last name exactly as it is printed on your offer letter.
  • Type the registered email address.
  • Click on Apply Now.

Merrick Bank Credit Card Application Offer

Carefully follow the subsequent procedure to complete your application.

Customer Connect Point of Merrick Bank Credit Card Department

For any query, requests or complaints regarding  your credit card account, billing disputes or other correspondences:

Via Phone


TTY/TDD: 1-800-253-4563.

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Via Mail

Merrick Bank
Customer Service
P.O. Box 9201
Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9001.

In case your application is denied and you need to know the reason for denial, you can write to the Credit Department at:

Merrick Bank

Credit Department

P.O. Box 1442

Draper, UT 84020-1442.

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