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Traffic violation has become a serious issue in modern times. A traffic violation is committed both at the risk of the perpetrator, victim as well as the passer-byes. Stringent laws and measures are introduced every time to reduce such mishaps. However, a crime can only be eradicated if the perpetrator is made to realize gravity. Some of the traffic violation which does not involves injuries and fatalities are settled outside the court itself with hefty fines. Violations such as red light violation, violating stop sign, parking in undesignated spaces, speeding, lane changing, etc. are categorized as petty offences under the Traffic Violation Law of State of Illinois.

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As per the order of the traffic court, the defendant is either required to pay fine or attend traffic school and placed under observation only if the defendant possesses a good driving record. On complying with the conditions within the supervision period, the defendant will be dismissed and n conviction charge will be levied. Now, paying the fine is easier. With the PayOnlineTicket.com portal, one can pay the fine for the ticket issued due to Red Light Violation. PayTicketOnline.com is maintained by SafeSpeed LLC and designed specifically to pay the fine for Red Light Violation within the jurisdiction area of the State of Illinois.

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Red Light Violation as per State Law, Illinois

As per the State Law Red Light Violation comprise of following types

  • Trespassing an intersection after the traffic signal turns red.
  • Failure to bring the vehicle to complete stop before turning right on a red signal where permissible.
  • Turning right on a red signal where it is expressively prohibited.
  • Turning right on the red signal on days or hours prohibited by law both impliedly and expressly.

On the above violations, you will be issued Ticket as well as served Red Light Violation Notice.

If you have received a ticket due to any of the above violations, you can pay the fine via the PayOnlineTicket portal. You need to have your Ticket to make the payment.

Paying the fine

Through this portal, you will also be able to view the image and video footage of your violation.  For that, you need to,

  • From the browser, log in to payonlineticket.com.
  • Enter the Ticket Number from your ticket.
  • If you do not have the ticket with you, you can click on don’t know the ticket number and enter the license plate number, license state, your last name or the name of the company.
  • Confirm the captcha code.
  • Click on

pay online ticket portal

  • Check the footage of violation if you wish to. Make the payment through the relevant channel. Mode of accepted payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Your payment will e received and the confirmation will be conformed to you instantly as well as after the end of the observation period via mail.

Important points regarding the Automated Red Light Enforcement Program

  • The amount of fine is $100.00 for each violation.
  • You need to make the payment within the deadline mentioned on the Notice.
  • As per the State law of Illinois, the registered owner or lease of the vehicle is liable to be penalized for any traffic law violation regardless of that is driving the car. You can, however, opt for contest, if the vehicle is stolen at the time of the violation. For a list of defences, refer to the payonlineticket.com/faq.
  • If the car was taken as rental and lease, under the law, the leaseholder or renter will be responsible for the violation.
  • Fine can also be paid in person at the Municipality Building of the City Township where the violation happened.
  • Fines can also be paid via mail by mailing the citation through check or money order to the address mentioned in the Right Light Violation Notice.
  • Failure to respond to the notice and pay fine within the deadline will result in a penalty of $100.00 on the addition to $100.00 totalling $200.00. It will also lead to the suspension of driving privileges of the registered owner or the lessee of the automobile.

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