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U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) is tirelessly working since 1911, protecting the rights of the person experiencing voluntary or forced migration worldwide. It also addresses the needs of the refugees advocating the lives of those who are uprooted. The U.S.

What is U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

Committee for Refugees and Migrations is the ultimate helping in giving a path to the destiny of the refugees through an unhinged network of helping hands, team, advocates and leadership. The organization endeavours to provide dignified lives to one who is abandoned, forced to leave or uprooted by restoring their basic rights and integrating them in the communities.

They are trained, assisted and redirected to provide opportunities with help of the non-profit social agencies. It also accepts voluntary assistance to the cause and donations to make this world a better place for immigrants, uprooted ad refugees.

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International Organisation for Migration Loan Program for displaced

Of many programs, plans and schemes, one of the notable programs that are formulated to drastically improvise the financial condition of the refugees is an integrated loan program by the International Organisation for Migration, known as IOM in short. This loan program is aimed at assisting the immigrants through the travel cost as well as build up a good financial record in their adopted country. How?

  • The loan program by IOM provides the loan to the refugees for their entire travel cost and arrangement to the settling country.
  • A promissory note is signed by the refuges, implying that they are entitled to interest-free loans covering the cost of their airlines’ tickets.
  • The promissory note also mentions that after m establishing themselves, they will repay the interest-free loan within a predetermined period.
  • These funds are being sanctioned and provisioned directly by the U.S. Government. On loan repayment, these funds are reimbursed to the government by USCRI.
  • USCRI is also in responsibility to ensure both the repayment as well as for settling of refugees.
  • Specialized loan counsellors will be present to guide the clients through the process of repayment which will, in turn, give a good knowledge about the financial overview of the country as well as build up a good credit score in the new country.
  • Apart from that, the repayment ensures, the government will continue to assist refugees with full trust and confidence.

Make the payment

If you have taken a loan by IOM, you can make the repayment by yourself now. Through the safe, secure and convenient online portal for payment by USCRI only, you can now easy payment within due date to avoid late fees as well as save yourself from negative impact and impression. Online payment is super easy.  While accessing, you need to have the credentials regarding the IOS loans. Now it’s easy to make the payment anytime and anywhere with supporting devices and the internet.

  • Open your browser and visit www.uscripayments.org.
  • Type your IOM Loan Number. You will find it at the top of your loan statement.
  • Enter the registered phone number.
  • Type the loan instalment payment amount in 00.00 formats in numbers.
  • Click on Pay to commence the payment via the secured gateway.


All the major credit and debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club, and American Express) and net banking are accepted as the payment method.

Contact point


Offline, you can also direct payment to the given address. Apart from making payment, you can also connect via letter regarding any queries, request or complaints:

2231 Crystal Drive,

Suite 350 Arlington,

VA 22202-3711.

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Talk to USCRI at 866 316-6555.


You can also drop a FAX at (703) 769-4241.


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